First, we have our choirs.  Our Adult Choir is called “The Glory Choir”.  This ministry consists of members ranging from 6th grade all the way through the most senior of adults.  If you have a heart for singing and you have Christ as Lord, this is your place to serve.  There is no tryout.  There are no vocal requirements.  It does, however, require your time.  We meet for practices on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 and then have a “warm-up” rehearsal each Sunday morning at 10:15.  Another choir is for our children called “KidsPlace Choir”.  This is for our 1st - 5th graders.  They have a blast each Wednesday at 6:30 practicing and studying God’s Word in preparation for two musicals (Christmas and late Spring) presented throughout the year along with other opportunities to lead our congregation in worship.  Our youngest choir is our “Pre-School Choir”.  This is for children ages 3-5.  They have so much fun each Wednesday at 6:30 playing games, singing new music and learning from their earliest years how to lead fellow believers in worship of our Lord and Savior.


The second tier is our Pathway Praise Team.  This is more of the “front line” of worship leading.  This ministry is made up of strong believers and followers of Jesus who have a particular calling on their lives to lead the Bride of Christ in the music portion of worship.  We have a band made up of keyboard, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drums and, of course, vocalists.  We are always seeking to add to the Pathway Praise Team.  So if you are walking with the Lord and have a desire to serve Him through your instrument or voice, we would love for you to try-out for the Green Acres Pathway Praise Team.

Our only caveat for any of these ministries, is that you be a member of Green Acres having gone through the New Member’s Course and able to attend practices and rehearsals on a regular basis.

For more information, email pastormicah@greenacresbc.com