Senior Adults

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What it means to be a PEARL!

Calling all Senior Adults (55 years young and up). Come and join GABC’s Senior Adults (PEARLS – Personal Evangelism Actively Reaching Loving Seniors) Ministry.

The Purpose of PEARLS Ministry is to serve the church by developing, coordinating, and administrating an effective and comprehensive ministry to meet the needs of Senior Adults in our church and community.

The Objectives of PEARLS Ministry is to accomplish the GABC mission through:
. Planning and coordinating conferences, luncheons, service projects and trips.
. Mentoring Senior Adult goals and objectives
. Planning an appropriate budget.
. Working with other committees, officers, and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.
. Working with Associational ministries, reaching families through the Migrant and International Ministries.
. Working with JOY (Jesus, Others and You) boxes to provide Christmas for children in the mission fields.
. Sponsoring church wide events: i.e. Christmas Banquet.

Activities PEARLS is involved in and/or sponsors:
1. Monthly – (First Thursday) Covered dish luncheons with guest speakers/entertainment where we pray for the seniors unable to attend (sick, homebound, etc.)
2. Monthly – (Fourth Monday) Prepare and serve food at the Soup Kitchen at First Methodist Church on North Davis Drive.
3. Monthly – Send correspondence to homebound seniors, college students, and military (as provided by congregation).
4. Jan – Oct – Advertise need for items for JOY Boxes sponsored by The Master’s Mission, Inc, Ware Shoals, SC. Shoe boxes go to the Ukraine). November – prepare boxes from items donated and deliver to The Master’s Mission.
5. February – Along with Deacon Body plan, prepare and participate in the Widow’s Banquet.
6. April – Provide food for the migrant ministry of the Rehoboth Association and provide items for health kits for migrants.
7. Nov/Dec – Provide food for the International English School held at Central Baptist (Rehoboth Association sponsored).
8. Fall – Have a Mystery Trip usually one to two nights stay.
9. Schedule occasional day trips for fruits and vegetable purchases, sightseeing and/or dining out.
10. Sponsor special event dinners like Fish Fry, Hobo Dinner, Mystery Dinner, Christmas Banquet. Many are for church wide attendance.
11. Our PEARLS Ministry Fund, donations received at each month’s luncheon, provide funds to send get well/encouragement cards to seniors in hospital and at home or bereavement cards to family members and make donations to the GABC Building Fund or library in honor of the deceased senior. Occasionally, we will donate to an organization that comes to speak to us (i.e. Reformers Anonymous).
12. Christian Social Ministries – Assist with stocking, counseling, and distribution of food at the Rehoboth sponsored food bank at 101 South 2nd Street.

We also encourage Senior Adult participation in assisting in the Nursery, Children’s Sunday School and Church, AWANA, Choirs and teaching and participating in Adult Sunday School, serving on various committees and prayer for all members and activities of the church.

Check our calendar for specific dates, times and activities.

You may contact our current PEARLS Council chairman, Corinne Mayo, at 923-6065 for more details.

Serving the Lord Together,
PEARLS Council


PEARLS Announcements for April 2017 Luncheon

Welcome to our April Luncheon.  Our guest speaker today is Pat Braski.

Plans for 2017:

1-4 May 2017 – The Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum – On Monday we will travel to Chattanooga for lunch, then on to our hotel in Kentucky.  We will visit the Creation Museum on Tuesday morning and later that evening we will board the B & B Riverboat Dinner Cruise for some sightseeing and a nice dinner cruise.  On Wednesday we will visit the Ark Encounter and then begin our journey home.  We will stop in Caryville, TN overnight.  On Thursday we will continue on our trip home.  Final Payment was due by Apr 2nd.  PTL the bus is full!

18 May 2017 – A day trip to Calhoun, GA to see The Rock Garden.  No cost.  You will purchase lunch on your own.  Sign up NOW!

JOY Boxes:  April items requested:  small toys (boys and girls), this can include small stuffed animals.  We still need socks, wash cloths, hand soap, combs and brushes, and hair bows.  Thank you all for your response on hats, scarves, and gloves.  We have a sweet group of girls and several ladies from our church who are making pillow cases for each JOY Box.  If you would like to donate money, material, sewing machines, or participate in making them, please contact Anna Lowery or Lorraine Schluening.

Through the Master’s Mission’s JOY Box project, over 2000 children came to Jesus in 2016.  Praise the Lord that He allows us to participate in this project.

PEARLS Luncheon schedule: May 11th (due to trip to KY), June 1st, No July Luncheon, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th, and November 2nd.  No December luncheon due to Church wide Christmas Banquet.

We are organizing a team to publish a new GABC Cookbook.  So be collecting your 5 most favorite recipes (or more if you desire) and have them ready when we ask for them.

Prayer is Essential:  “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”  Mark 1:35

PEARLS Council



Plans for 2017:
Feb. 11 – Widow’s Banquet.
Mar. 2 – Fish Fry
Mar. 30 – Medieval Times Dinner and tournament.
May 1 – 4 – The Ark Experience and The Creation Museum (ILO  Apr 24-28).
May 18 – The Rock Garden, Calhoun GA.PEARLS luncheon schedule:

Feb 2; Mar 2; Apr 6; May 11; Jun 1; Aug 3; Sep 7; Oct 5 and Nov 2.