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The religion of Alcoholics Anonymous is a counterfeit of Biblical Christianity, and fails to show the sufficiency of a Life of Faith in Christ alone...


Giving is not an obligation. We do not “pay” our tithes. Let’s not ever say that again. We pay our electric bill. We pay for our groceries. We pay our water bill, but we give our tithes. Tithing. It is not about me. It is not about my checkbook. It is about God. Instead of trying to decide for ourselves what to give, let’s purpose together to just seek God and ask Him what He would have us to give.

We examine six critical claims for the dependability and trustworthiness of the Bible as a historical document. From there, one can then tell of the claims of this same Bible. May God bless your knowledge and understanding as you read this text.

Knowing God is the essential pursuit of the Christian life. But all too often we know God on our terms, not so much for Who He is, but for what He can do for us. In this inspiring set of devotional readings, Thomas E. Ward, pastor and author, takes us deeper into God's presence than many of us have dared to go before...